And how the history of Ayurveda intersects with the history of caste

Glass specimen jar of gum ghatti, India, 1830–1930. Credit: Science Museum, London; Image downloaded from Wellcome Collections

“Being civilized means making and liking beautiful things”

“Making and liking beautiful things”: 7th-8th c. C.E. Pallava dynasty rock sculptures in Mahabalipuram, India (Photo: Author)

A short introduction to the enduring concept

Credit: National Cancer Institute, USA, via Unsplash

“We knew plastic surgery before the time of Christ”

Ruins of the Buddhist place of learning, Nalanda, which flourished in South Asia in the first millennium CE (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Historians and geneticists have the same answer

Mohenjo-Daro (Indus Valley) stamp-seal, 2600BC-1900BC. Image courtesy: the British Museum

“A group of Plague staff, Karachi, India [now Pakistan]. Photograph, 1897.” Credit: Wellcome Collection

And about dying better

Image by Daan Stevens, courtesy Unsplash

And how it has played out during Covid-19

“Plague-infected house which has been demolished, Karachi, India (now Pakistan), 1897;” Credit: Wellcome Collections

Understanding the rationale for therapeutics in the past

“George Washington at Mount Vernon at the end of his life, 1799,” by Howard Pyle. Accessed through Digital Commonwealth

What Academic Scholarship Says

Refugee camp in New Delhi for people displaced due to Partition. Photograph by Margaret Bourke-White / LIFE Picture Collection / Getty, Accessed via The NewYorker

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